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Our goal was to develop and build a series of luxury motorboats featuring environmental sustainability, leading-edge technological solutions as well as pioneering design. COMO is marked both by traditional and contemporary boatbuilding knowledge, while some of its specific attributes point to an upcoming paradigm shift in boating.

In fact, COMO presents many innovative elements. The exceptional mobility of our yachts is one of them, resulting from the lower head resistance of the hull, and from the light weight achieved by the most advanced manufacturing processes. COMO boats are carbon fibre reinforced epoxy composite structures with PVC core, assembled through vacuum infusion. As for the power, COMOs are equipped with light weight diesel engines, while the electric versions are fine-tuned with custom-made engines powered with the newest lithium batteries. To achieve an energy efficient and smooth ride, a narrower water line was also adopted, coupled with special spray rails.

Inspired by one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century, the iPad-based control makes the COMO yachts truly exclusive constructions, while the novel inboard design – including elegant solutions such as retractable cleat and built-in handrails – offers an entirely unique experience to the passengers.

The new COMO approach accounts for the environment while ensuring unique products for unique customers.

“Como was born from a simple idea: a boat that answers the expectations of the newest technological trends, while it features the strongest elements of traditional boatbuilding. The results speak for themselves: COMO is simply a new way of boating.”

Akos Reder, designer and naval architect

“After realizing a number of wooden and plastic constructions (such as the complete Hungarian border patrol fleet and rescue motorboats, electric motorboats, wooden sailing boats and more), I wanted to develop a boat that is unique in its technology and design, while offering a yet unknown feeling to its user. Controlling a boat from an electronic device was unimaginable a few years ago. COMO is not only my personal revolution, but also one of the yachting world.”

Gyorgy Juhasz, second-generation boat builder, developer, and sailor