Roc open

Roc incognito

Some people say that the best gift to a friend is a great experience. COMO ROC is ready to offer you countless unexpectedly positive experiences. Alone or with up to eight people, COMO ROC open is your best partner for a joyful day off-shore.

COMO ROC open is a modern boat in all its sense. The most striking feature is the iPad-based control solution. The soul of the control system of the boat is the digital instrument panel. The speed, the revolution, the air and the water temperature can all be easily followed up on your iPad, as well as the remaining runtime of the battery for the electric version, or the fuel level on the diesel version. The COMO instrument panel is not a passive display – the lighting, the bilge pump, and the fridge can also be controlled from there.

For your maximal comfort, COMO ROC open is installed with a bathroom, a platform shower as well as a screening roof. Additional practical solution is the built-in water and fuel slot reachable from both sides.

The special 5-space layout offers undisturbed pleasure to every passenger. The front area invites you for a quiet nap, sun lovers can enjoy their favourite pastime on a 2 meter wide, upholstered area, able to accommodate even four persons, while at lunch time, six of you may sit around the table. The cushions and pillows are made out of water-proof, closed cell foam, and can be covered with the leather of your choice, or our special COMO textile.

COMO ROC open is an easily permeable boat, while the higher free board and the practical built-in handrail give passengers the feeling of a maximum comfort and safety. The boat is open backward allowing easy accessibility to the water, while the bathing platform is covered with teak wood that provide an elegant, non-skid surface. As such, waterskiing is just as quick as swimming: COMO ROC open is open to all your desires.

As all COMO boats, ROC is also equipped with a special, AirPlay compatible audio system, allowing you to play music from your iPhone, iPad or mp3 player with a wireless technology, through six 70-Watt outdoor waterproof loudspeakers.

At the end of the day COMO ROC open carries you home swiftly. The maximal speed of the diesel variant is 70 km/h, while the electric variant sails at 35 km/h.

Como ROC Technical specifications:

LOA = overall length (standard ISO 8666)9,27m
Lwl = waterline legth8,05m
Maximum beam2,7m
Draftmin (drive up)0,45m
Draftmax (drive down)0,7m
Dry weight1900kg
Maximum number of persons on board8
CE categoryC

Engine options (all with sterndrive):2*FNM HPEP 1502*FNM HPEP 190
Maximum speed @ half load37 knots41 knots

All given data is preliminary technical specification.